Diversity Equity and Inclusion

“Anti-racism is the active process of identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies and practices and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably” (NAC International Perspectives: Women and Global Solidarity).

SquashBusters is a caring community that strives to celebrate and honor diversity, equity and inclusion as tenets of all that we do for and with our constituents and ourselves.  Our organization and program were founded on noble values.  When our founder, Greg Zaff, speaks of what has allowed SquashBusters to succeed, those values are always mentioned: lots of love, attention to kids, commitment, and treating others as human beings.

However, our organization and program have been built within the greater context of Boston and the United States, where the impacts of systemic racism are real.  SquashBusters operates within a society that is set up in a way that works better for some than others.  We strive to be a program that works for all, and to be a welcoming organization where everyone feels safe and comfortable to be themself.

We commit to…

  • Being anti-racist.
  • Implementing strategies that dismantle racism within all aspects of our organization by identifying, discussing and challenging issues.
  • Creating an environment where everyone knows they are valued, regardless of race or the color of their skin.
  • Learning from each other’s lifestyle, culture, ethnicity, challenges, and successes.   

We believe in an intersectional approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion, where all of the various forms of power/oppression are addressed, challenged, and dismantled.  Our primary focus is on racism because we live in a society that is so resistant to, and uncomfortable with, discussions of racism.