Nessrine Ariffin tile-image

Nessrine Ariffin

Assistant Program Director: Squash


Nessrine joined SquashBusters in 2015 after graduating from Bates College with a degree in Sociology, where she played four years of varsity squash at the number 1 position and was awarded NESCAC Rookie of The Year and Second-Team All-America honors. With her extensive squash experience and sociology background, Nessrine plays a major role at SquashBusters in developing the 9th and 10th grade squash curriculum, organizing matches, overseeing the squash mentors program and most importantly, supporting her students’ personal development to help them maximize their potential.

Eileen Barrer tile-image

Eileen Barrer

Director of Program, Operations, and Partnerships


Eileen graduated from The College of Wooster where she studied Sociology and Africana Studies.  She played four years of field hockey and lacrosse and was a senior captain in both sports. Her passion for sports and social justice led her to Boston as an Americorps volunteer at MetroLacrosse.  In 2015 she joined the SquashBusters team and has since served in a number of different programming roles.  Most recently Eileen has joined operations and strategy team where she will support all three sites in running strong programming for SquashBusters participants.

Losangela Batista tile-image

Losangela Batista

Senior Program Coordinator: Squash


Losangela (Ló) graduated from SquashBusters in 2014 before heading to St. Lawrence University, where she majored in Global Studies with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Ló played on St. Lawrence’s Women’s Varsity Squash team and captained her senior year. While there she was a resident assistant, a member of the Black Student Union, and  Carefree Black Girls and a mentor to SEA freshmen students. With a passion for serving her community, Ló joins SquashBusters after doing a year of Service with AmeriCorps.

Doug Burbank tile-image

Doug Burbank

Squash Director


Doug has been actively engaged with SquashBusters Lawrence since its inception in 2012. Prior to joining SQB , he taught at the Brooks School in North Andover, MA for 34 years, teaching mathematics, art, and computer science, serving as department head for all three departments. In addition to his classroom teaching, Doug coached New England individual and team champions in squash, soccer, and tennis, three U.S. Junior Open squash champions, and won a National Division II high school squash team title. He is most proud of his team’s numerous sportsmanship awards voted by his team’s opponents and coaches throughout New England. Doug received a B.S. from Trinity College (CT) and a M.A.T. from Marlboro College, VT.

Andrés Burbank-Crump tile-image

Andrés Burbank-Crump

Program Director


Andrés attended Williams College where he majored in history with a minor in Latino/a Studies. He played on the Williams soccer team for four years and captained the team his senior year. Andrés came to SquashBusters in the fall of 2015 and spent two years as the middle school squash coordinator, then moved onto various roles focusing on program operations and external communication before becoming the Lawrence Program Director in spring of 2019. He is passionate about working in Lawrence and strengthening the relationship between the city and his childhood home, Brooks School.

Bianca Camacho tile-image

Bianca Camacho

Program Manager: Academics



Originally from California, Bianca has always been an advocate for educational spaces that empower students of color. Bianca graduated from Brown with her Sc.B in Educational Neuroscience in 2016, and her M.Ed. in Elementary and Bilingual Education from UCLA in 2018. During her three years in Los Angeles, she taught middle school as a founding teacher at Equitas Academy and focused her teaching practice on centering student voices. Bianca joined SquashBusters Providence in August 2019 and works in academics with Del Sesto Middle School students. 

Mikhail Darlington tile-image

Mikhail Darlington

Program Director


As a SquashBusters alumnus, Mikhail brings a unique perspective to youth development. After graduating from SQB in 2007, he went on to study international business and marketing at Temple University. Mikhail returned to SquashBusters aiming to make the program welcoming for all alumni. In his role, he ensures that each senior successfully matriculates to college and that college-enrolled alumni persist all the way through to graduation.  Mikhail also liaises with the SQB Alumni Committee to promote personal and professional growth beyond college.

Abobomi Docanto tile-image

Abobomi Docanto

Assistant Program Director


Abobomi was born and raised in Boston. He attended public schools in Boston, went to Providence College where he majored in Political Science and Public and Community Service Studies. Before coming to  SquashBusters, he worked at Steppingstone, City on a Hill Charter School. He also was a member of the Dudley Promises Crops at the Dearborn.  Bomi is a Primer League Football fan. During his free time, he likes to read and explore Boston. He is excited to be working with middle school students as they begin their journey at SquashBusters.

Marvin Ezhan tile-image

Marvin Ezhan

Program Coordinator: Academics


Marvin graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Communications Degree and a concentration in Media and Technology. Throughout his time in college, he worked in a variety programs involving youth development. After graduating, he worked in several non-profits focusing on youth and mental health. Sports have always been an important part of Marvin’s life and he believes in the importance of teaching how sports and education can go hand in hand with empowering students, especially students of color. Outside of SQB, Marvin enjoys playing and watching all sports and hosts a couple of Podcasts surrounding music, pop culture and of course sports.

Rian Falcon tile-image

Rian Falcon

Post-Secondary Access Coordinator


Rian graduated from St. Lawrence University with a B.A. in Global Studies and a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. During her time in college, she advocated for black students and raised awareness about socio-economic and racial inequality on and off campus. She also chaired the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, co-founded Carefree Black Girls, and was an avid student leader. After graduating Rian relocated to Changsha, Hunan, China where she spent 2 years teaching English, advising students, and dabbling in educational consulting. Rian is deeply passionate about educational and financial legacy, youth development and education policy. After gathering intel and knowledge, Rian has returned stateside to join SquashBusters and create innovate solutions to support, empower and embolden marginalized youth.

Vicky Flamenco tile-image

Vicky Flamenco

Assistant Program Director


Vicky is a SquashBusters ’06 alumna, having joined the program in 6th grade. Vicky graduated Bunker Hill Community College in 2015 with an Associate’s degree in Arts and Science and has worked locally in youth leadership and development since 2009. She worked as a Youth Director for a well-regarded non-profit called Young People’s Project before rejoining SquashBusters in 2015. As an Assistant Program Director at SQB Lawrence, Vicky heads up academic activities to ensure the current and future academic success of SQB students and connects with families by leading the parent committee.

Rodney Galvao tile-image

Rodney Galvao

Program Director


An alum of SquashBusters, Rodney graduated from the program in 2010 and went on to Bates College where he majored in Rhetoric and minored in Education. After graduating in 2014, Rodney returned to SQB Boston to work with both the middle and high school teams, helping students develop on and off the court. After transferring to SquashBusters Providence, Rodney moved into the role of Program Director of the site, assisting with recruiting students and continuing to support them on and off the court.

Rachel Koury tile-image

Rachel Koury

Director of Operations and Strategy


Rachel graduated from Colgate University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology and Anthropology. During college, she played for the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, led the local Let’s Get Ready SAT Prep Program, and supported the Psychology Department as a Research and Teaching Assistant. Following Colgate, Rachel spent a year working at the Bird Street Community Center and Higginson Lewis K-8 afterschool program in Boston. From there Rachel began a nine year journey at Bottom Line in Boston, where she held a variety of roles in the College Access and Success space, including directing the College Success Program for five years. Along the way she completed a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management with the Institute for Nonprofit Practice, which helped solidify her passion and commitment for leading in Nonprofit and Education spaces. Rachel joined SquashBusters in June 2019 as the Boston Program Director and is excited to combine her interests in education, athletics, and youth development to support the team in delivering an excellent program for SQB students!

Becca Latimore tile-image

Becca Latimore

Manager, Foundation Relations and Communications

Becca comes to SquashBusters after a long career in non-profit management and youth development. After taking time off to raise a family, she worked most recently in the world of independent school advancement. The wife and mother of avid squash players, she is delighted to have landed at SquashBusters where her passion for making the world a better place aligns so perfectly with her family’s preferred way to spend free time. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Marti Lemp tile-image

Marti Lemp

Senior Program Advisor


Marti earned her BA in Economics from Yale, where she played on the varsity squash team, and an M.A.T. in Teaching from Brown University. Throughout her career in education, Marti has taught a variety of subjects and age groups, both domestic and international.  She was a high school teacher/coach in Montgomery County, MD, the founder and president of an education-based non-profit in Cote d’Ivoire, and prior to joining SQB served for 10 years as the Middle School Director at the International School of Boston. Throughout these experiences, Marti has been driven by her passion for providing meaningful and impactful educational opportunities to empower students.

Alejandra Madrid tile-image

Alejandra Madrid

Development and Communications Associate


Alé graduated from the SquashBusters program in 2014 and joined the staff in 2015 while working towards her Associates degree. Having worked directly with students over the past five years, Alé has changed roles and now works cross-site in development and communications. With a passion for non-profits and youth development, Alé still prioritizes relationship building with students to keep the relationships she has built strong and to provide extra support for them as they go through the program. Alé hopes that in this new role, she can grow professionally while continuing to empower and cheer on students at SquashBusters now and in the future.

Rosemary McElroy tile-image

Rosemary McElroy

Chief Financial Officer

Rosemary first became involved with SquashBusters by answering a flyer Greg posted at her squash club looking for volunteers back in the early days. Over the last twenty years, SquashBusters has featured in the lives of Rosemary and her family through volunteering on court, in the classroom, in the office and many years of playing in the Derby. Now in her third year on staff, Rosemary enjoys the continuity of seeing how those seeds, planted long ago, have grown and flourished.

Mai Mitsuyama tile-image

Mai Mitsuyama

Post-Secondary Support Coordinator


Mai graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Psychology and Japanese. She was a member of the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team and captained the DIII National Champion team her senior year. She joins SquashBusters after earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. After having lived in New York City for five years, she is excited to come back home and develop meaningful relationships with the SquashBusters community. She hopes to provide guidance and support to our young adults as they navigate their post-secondary journey.

Isis Ormaza tile-image

Isis Ormaza

Academic Coordinator


Isis an alumna of SQB Lawrence’s partner school, Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School. In May of 2021, she earned an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Northern Essex Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UMASS Lowell. Isis is a mental health advocate, an art enthusiast, and a believer in the power and importance of health and fitness. As someone who was born and raised in Lawrence, she is proud to be representing her home and serving her community, She is looking forward to building Lawrence students up to be the best that they can be.

Ben Osajie tile-image

Ben Osajie

Program Coordinator: Squash


Ben is an an SQB alum, having joined the program in 2006 in 6th grade and graduated in 2013 with Team 7. He went on to study Psychology and Sociology at Connecticut College where he met other SEA alumni from Streetsquash, Squash Haven and City Squash. After graduation, he completed a Fulbright scholarship year, teaching English to middle and high school students in Thailand. The following year Ben traveled to Jordan as they started their own version of SquashBusters, Squashdreamers, where he taught English and squash. Ben returns to SQB as middle school squash coach at the Boston site and is excited for what’s to come.

Nku Patrick tile-image

Nku Patrick

Program Coordinator: Squash


Nku is a graduate of Trinity College with a degree in Mathematics.  Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, he is a 7-time Junior National Champion, 2-time Caribbean Squash Champion and a 2-time National Intercollegiate Squash Champion.  He enjoys singing, going on adventures and trying new and interesting things.

Erika Proulx tile-image

Erika Proulx

Senior Program Coordinator: Academics


Erika attended Roger Williams University where she majored in International Relations. She pursued her love for diverse communities through an M.Ed program at Merrimack College, where she received her Master’s in community engagement with a concentration in positive youth development studies. Throughout her Master’s program, Erika actively volunteered with SquashBusters before joining the Lawrence team in the Fall of 2019. She is passionate about creating opportunities for youth based on social justice and educational equity.

Christian Quiñonez tile-image

Christian Quiñonez

Academic Coordinator


Christian was born and raised in Providence, RI. After completing General Studies at Community College of Rhode Island, he transferred to Rhode Island College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2019. Christian worked as a teacher’s aide for Providence Public Schools while in college and fell in love with education and pedagogy. After graduation, he continued his work in classrooms as a behavior specialist as well as a substitute teacher before joining SquashBusters. Christian is passionate about education and social justice issues. He is looking forward to helping in the development and implementation of instructional materials and curriculum programs that will allow SquashBusters students to thrive.



Nina Talbot Robertson tile-image

Nina Talbot Robertson

Program Coordinator: Squash



Nina earned her B.A. from Yale University where she was a member of the squash, tennis and lacrosse teams. She also holds an M.A. in Journalism from NYU. She was Managing Editor at Tennis Week Magazine and Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Publications at the Darden School at UVA before taking time off to start a family. While raising her three girls, she was able to coach lacrosse and squash for more than 15 years. In addition, she served on the board of Barrington Education Foundation which provides grants that support the enrichment of all students within Barrington Public Schools. She is excited to be working for SqB where she can combine her love of athletics and education to help enhance the lives of SqB students.

Sally Rowland tile-image

Sally Rowland

Career Services Manager


Sally graduated from Wake Forest University in 2015 with a B.S. in Finance and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. On a Fulbright Scholarship, Sally spent the following year in Stellenbosch, South Africa, working as a high school English Teaching Assistant and consultant for a startup focused on youth development. Sally moved to Boston to work with youth as it relates to college access, persistence and equity. In 2018 she joined SquashBusters to support fundraising events and the academic success of high school seniors.

Ellie Rubinstein tile-image

Ellie Rubinstein

Mass Promise Fellow


Ellie graduated from Colorado College in the spring of 2020 with a degree in Political Science. While completing her undergraduate degree she worked in college admissions focusing on personal support for juniors and seniors exploring college fit and the application process. She played four years of D1 ultimate frisbee throughout college and is a strong believer in the benefits of partnering academic enrichment with athletics. She joins SquashBusters this year supporting the academic programming for the 9th grade cohort.

Myra Sack tile-image

Myra Sack

Chief Program Officer

Myra graduated from Dartmouth College where she majored in Government, was the Captain of the Women’s Soccer, and co-founded Athletes United, a student-led initiative to unite children of the Upper Valley with Dartmouth student-athletes through a cost free sports league. Following Dartmouth Myra earned a post-graduate fellowship to launch the Latin American arm of Soccer Without Borders in Granada, Nicaragua. Her passion and commitment for sport and social justice led her to SquashBusters where she’s served in a variety of program related roles including Program Director from 2015-2017. Myra completed her MBA in Social Impact from Boston University in 2018 and returns to SquashBusters as the Chief Program Officer where she will focus on cross-site program quality, strategic growth and impact, and staff development.

Corey Schafer tile-image

Corey Schafer

Director of Post-Secondary Services


Corey graduated from Dartmouth College where she double majored in Psychology and Geography, with a focus on Cultural-Social coursework. A life-long squash player passionate about helping all students reach their full potential, Corey joined SquashBusters in 2013 as a Squash Coordinator before transitioning into a data and evaluation role. Today, Corey is SquashBusters’ Director of Post-Secondary Services, leading the effort to ensure that SQB graduates persist in their post-secondary endeavors and supporting students in their journey from high school to the greater world beyond SQB.

Mike Shannon tile-image

Mike Shannon

Program Manager: Post-Secondary Services


Mike graduated from Texas Tech University and moved from Texas to Massachusetts where he obtained his teaching license. After several years of leading classes for short-term hospitalized students, Mike wanted to find a position where he was able to have a longer lasting impact on his students’ lives. Having both played and coached soccer, he strongly believes in the power of athletics combined with academics. He is now responsible for post-secondary access and alumni support at SquashBusters Lawrence in addition to assisting with programming.

Christine Stellar tile-image

Christine Stellar

Director of Institutional Advancement

With a passion for social justice and educational equity, Christine has dedicated her career to closing the achievement and opportunity gaps.  After studying public policy at Cornell and education at UPenn, Christine spent three years teaching. Seeing firsthand the disparities between poor urban districts and wealthy privileged ones inspired her to return to school for an MPA from NYU Wagner. Christine has worked at City on a Hill and KIPP charter schools. At SquashBusters, she focuses on the outward-facing functions of fundraising and external relations.

Thanh (Ti) Tran tile-image

Thanh (Ti) Tran

Finance and HR Manager

While Ti, SquashBusters ’08, was pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance, she worked part-time at SquashBusters and volunteered as a tax preparer through the IRS’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program. She developed a love for accounting and catering to the nonprofit sectors. SquashBusters became the perfect place for Ti to practice her accounting skills and support the program from the administrative end. Now full-time, Ti’s work mainly consists of bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, and onboarding new staff.

Greg Zaff tile-image

Greg Zaff

Founder and CEO

Greg founded SquashBusters in 1995. After graduating from Williams College, Greg spent his twenties competing on the pro squash tour, reaching a career high #2 ranking. A calling to public service brought him to the Kennedy School, where his paper ‘Bringing Squash Down from its Ivory Tower’ was the blueprint for SquashBusters. Greg has been involved in everything SQB, from coaching and tutoring to board development, budgeting, and leading strategic growth. Today, Greg focuses on fundraising and recruiting and retaining the best and brightest staff.