Board of Directors

Don Mykrantz tile-image

Don Mykrantz

Board Chair
The Jeffrey Company

Don is Chair of SquashBusters’ Investment Committee, leading the volunteer committee in overseeing the financial resources of SquashBusters to ensure that the organization’s investment strategy aligns with its strategic vision. Don has also spent time with fellow board member, David Antonelli, conducting a financial literacy class to SQB families. He was first introduced to SQB by long-time Board member Sandy Tierney, and by Greg, with whom he played on the Williams College tennis team. Don serves as President/CEO of The Jeffery Company.

David Antonelli tile-image

David Antonelli

MFS Investment Management

David serves on SquashBusters’ Strategy and Expansion Committee. He counseled leadership staff on financial and real estate matters as they negotiated the facility partnership with Moses Brown and built SQB’s Providence home. David now turns his attention to helping SquashBusters develop a permanent facility solution in Lawrence. David came to know SquashBusters through his daughter’s close friendship with SQB alumna, Nelsmarie, during their time as students at Boston College. As MFS Vice Chairman, he carries the all-important torch in promoting the MFS/SquashBusters partnership.

George Bell tile-image

George Bell

Chair, SQB Nominating Committee
Archer Venture Capital

As SquashBusters’ Nominating Committee Chair, George focuses on Board effectiveness, ensuring that the composition and skill set of the Board aligns with SquashBusters’ key priorities. George has loyally played in the Derby since 2012, captaining team Derby Worthy. He also supports the professional development of SQB’s senior staff members. George’s career focus has been in media, business start-ups and venture capital. George has been CEO of Excite, Upromise and other digital media start-ups, launched a cable channel, and was a Managing Director at General Catalyst. 

Meg Campbell tile-image

Meg Campbell

Codman Academy Charter Public School

With unparalleled experience in urban education, Meg contributes to SquashBusters in many ways. She advises on programmatic challenges, which include improving middle school academic outcomes and supporting our college alumni. Meg was instrumental in bringing Tutors for All to SQB Boston’s 8th graders– an effort linked to student grade improvement. Along with fellow Board member Juma Crawford, Meg co-hosts our Annual Breakfast of Champions. Meg has served on the Boston School Committee and is the Founder and Chief of Innovation & Strategy of Codman Academy.

Juma Crawford tile-image

Juma Crawford

Oakland Fund for Public Innovation

Juma is President of the Lewis Family Foundation (LFF), which focuses on helping Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury youth succeed. LFF is a close partner of SQB, offering summer employment and world travel to more than 15 SQB high schoolers over the years through its Next Generation Leaders program. Previously, Juma taught at Codman Academy, served as principal of Community Charter School of Cambridge, and was Executive Director of Friends of the Children. Juma serves on SQB’s Program Committee, and co-hosts the annual Breakfast of Champions.

Mike Davis tile-image

Mike Davis

Northeastern University

Mike Davis is Northeastern University’s Chief of Police. He also is an avid squash player and member of INFINITUM Squash Club where he competes at a high level in his age group. Mike is attracted to SQB because it unites his passion for squash and his passion for exercise with his professional commitment to building a safe, inclusive, and diverse community. Mike has spent his career in policing, first in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and then as Chief of Police in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Mike plans to contribute to SquashBusters by coaching and mentoring our students (he works directly across the street), building closer programmatic collaboration with NU and his police department, and saddling up every May to compete in the Derby.

Jamie Fagan tile-image

Jamie Fagan

JP Morgan

Jamie has been involved in SquashBusters since its founding. He and his wife, Katie, who is a college mentor, have contributed time and treasure since SQB’s earliest days. Jamie was a proud investor in the SQB/Northeastern partnership and, today, is a perennial Derby player and co-captain of True Blue. On numerous occasions, Jamie has mentored SQB graduates interested in finance and helped facilitate educational and employment opportunities for our students. Jamie serves on SQB’s Finance Committee and is a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Securities.

Chessin Gertler tile-image

Chessin Gertler

Gertler Clark Foundation

Chessin Gertler has been involved with SQB since its founding, beginning as an on-court competitor to our earliest team members.  As Chessin matured into a nationally-ranked player and member of Harvard’s team , he began giving back to SQB as a squash mentor. More recently, Chessin has taken on a leadership role as Derby team captain, supplementing his family’s significant generosity with fundraising from others. Chessin is Founder and President of Infinitum Squash, a training and coaching company. Infinitum and SQB have exciting plans to collaborate with the goal of helping our staff become better coaches and our students become stronger players.

Habib Gorgi tile-image

Habib Gorgi

Nautic Partners

Habib chairs SquashBusters’ Providence Leadership Council. As former head of the Board at Moses Brown School, he was the driving force behind SQB’s facility partnership with the school. As a child, Habib immigrated to the United States from Egypt. His father used squash to help his brother, Michael, and him stay active, make friends and develop character. Since 1986, Habib has been a founder and Managing Director of Nautic Partners and its predecessor firm. Habib is also a minority owner of the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Jon Karlen tile-image

Jon Karlen

Acadian Software

Jon is a member of SquashBusters’ Strategy and Expansion Committee. He has taken SQB Lawrence under his wing, spearheading the growth of the MashUp with the introduction of platform tennis as an event component. As an alumnus of Phillips Academy, Jon is committed to deepening our partnership with the school and its other alumni. Jon has been involved with SquashBusters since its 1996 start, mentoring one of the program’s very first students, Guillermo. Jon is the founder of Acadian Software.

Henry Manice tile-image

Henry Manice

Mighty Squirrel

Henry serves on the Finance Committee, where he helps with financial oversight and budget preparation. Henry and his wife, Anna, also team up as college mentors to help SQB students with essay writing and applications. Henry is also on the board of Access Youth Academy, an SEA program in San Diego. He co-founded the Mighty Squirrel Brewing Co. in Boston and Enjuba in Kampala, which started Uganda’s first national spelling bee. Henry loves all things outdoors including sailing, fishing, skiing, and hiking.

Bill Monaghan tile-image

Bill Monaghan

SevenOne Capital

Bill is deeply involved in SquashBusters. He co-chairs the Investment Committee, with Don Mykrantz, and is one of only three people in SQB’s wide orbit to participate in both the Derby and the MashUp, where he is prime architect of the paddle component’s success. Bill hails from Philadelphia and a long line of racquet maestros. His professional background is in money management, but his most committed and personal investments revolve around helping young people and contributing to community.

Will  Muggia tile-image

Will Muggia

Westfield Capital Management

Will owns the distinction of being the only Board member to play in both the MashUp and the Derby, competing in platform tennis and doubles squash. With a deep commitment to serving others, Will and his wife, Brooke, host SQB college alumni at their summer yoga and meditation retreat in Rhode Island. He also avails himself as a mentor to SQB students and alumni interested in pursuing careers in financial investment. Will is the CEO/CIO of Westfield Capital, one of SQB’s most generous corporate sponsors.

William Paine tile-image

William Paine

Wilmer Hale

Bill chairs SquashBusters’ Lawrence Leadership Council.  With roots in the Mill City, he is dedicated to helping SQB Lawrence succeed. No sooner did Bill join the Board did he sign on to learn squash, providing him an excuse to exercise and fundraise for the MashUp, where he was top breadwinner in 2016 and 2017. Bill has been instrumental in building foundation relations and also helped SquashBusters secure pro-bono representation by WilmerHale, where he is a partner, in lease negotiations with Moses Brown School.

Ravi Rao tile-image

Ravi Rao

Clark University

Ravi is Boston Alumni President, keeping the SQB torch lit for hundreds of program graduates. As a Board Member, he represents the important perspective of an ever-expanding SQB alumni group.  At SQB, he participated in the Ambassadors Program, and always raised his hand for all community service and tournament opportunities. He recently received his B.A. at Clark University, and immediately reenrolled in the Masters’ Degree Program in Education. Ravi is passionate about public education and plans to give back as a high school history teacher.

Zoe Russell tile-image

Zoe Russell

Harvard Law School

Zoe joins the Board as an SQB alumna dedicated to helping Boston boys and girls follow in her footsteps and plays a lead role in helping strengthen SQB as a chair of our newly-formed Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Executive Committee. Zoe cares deeply about youth development, racial justice and empowering communities of color. She graduated from SQB as Boston Latin Student where she was selected for a prestigious Posse Scholarship. An English/Sociology/Italian triple major at Bucknell, Zoe’s academic versatility launched her legal career. She worked as a paralegal at Fragomen in Atlanta and, today, is a second year Harvard Law School student.

Michelle Sanchez tile-image

Michelle Sanchez

Epiphany School

Michelle is one of Boston’s most experienced educators. She has spent better than 20 years at the highly-regarded Epiphany School in Dorchester where she has been a classroom teacher and administrator and today serves as Principal. Michelle believes in ‘going deep’ with students and in supporting programs like SQB that develop the intellectual, emotional and physical well-being of young people. Michelle’s work at SQB focuses on mentoring young staff, serving as a resource  for senior leadership, and ensuring that SQB’s priorities stay focused on the needs of our students.

Jiberly Sandoval tile-image

Jiberly Sandoval

Dickinson College

Jiberly is SQB Lawrence’s first Alumni President, leading our second alumni council. Jiberly joined SQB’s very first class as a 6th grader in 2012.  Academic excellence and on-court prowess earned Jib high school admission to Westover School. Jiberly is currently a Senior at Dickinson College, majoring in Educational Studies and serving as President of the Latin American and Caribbean Club, and Class Senator. After college, she plans to return to the Merrimack Valley and pursue a career in education administration or policy.

Peter Soorenko tile-image

Peter Soorenko

New Balance

Peter joins SQB’s Board as a representative of New Balance and as someone dedicated to the health and success of young people. Peter is General Manager at New Balance Apparel. He is a former director on the national board of Playworks, a youth development non-profit that helps kids stay active and build life skills. Peter serves on SQB’s Expansion Committee whose focus lies on helping our Lawrence program build a facility in partnership with Merrimack College – a project in which New Balance will invest significantly.

Simone Winston tile-image

Simone Winston

Winston Flowers

Simone serves on the Derby Committee and, with her son Jack, is the genius behind the event’s Junior Stakes race, uniting SQB students with junior players from the area in competition, camaraderie and fundraising. To the delight of Team Salubrious Captain, John Blasberg, Simone and Jack have turned this Derby perennial into a juniors-led juggernaut. Through their family business, Winston Flowers, Simone and her husband, Ted, generously support SquashBusters each spring through the Winston Flowers Charity in Bloom program.

Greg Zaff tile-image

Greg Zaff

Founder and CEO

Greg founded SquashBusters in 1995. After graduating from Williams College, Greg spent his twenties competing on the pro squash tour, reaching a career high #2 ranking. A calling to public service brought him to the Kennedy School, where his paper ‘Bringing Squash Down from its Ivory Tower’ was the blueprint for SquashBusters. Greg has been involved in everything SQB, from coaching and tutoring to board development, budgeting, and leading strategic growth. Today, Greg focuses on fundraising and recruiting and retaining the best and brightest staff.