Rodney Galvao tile-image

Rodney Galvao

Chief Executive Officer


A native of Dorchester, Rodney joined SquashBusters at the age of 12, initially at the urging of his mother, and he immediately saw the value of a community that provided not just sports instruction, but also academic support, community service opportunities, and mentoring.

Galvao’s professional tenure with SquashBusters began 10 years ago in 2014 when he joined the organization as a squash coach in Boston, quickly becoming a leader and mentor to both students and peers on staff. In 2017, he moved to Providence, RI as part of the founding leadership team at SQB’s expansion program and served as Program and Co-Executive Director for six years. In mid-2023, Galvao became Senior Development Officer, a position that included a seat on the organization’s Senior Leadership Team. His new role of CEO is the culmination of all he has learned and all he has accomplished in his two decades at SQB.