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Vianna Alcantara

Academic Coordinator


Vianna was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Lawrence, MA. She earned a B.A. in international studies and women’s studies from Denison University in 2009, where she was a Posse Foundation Scholar and an M.Ed. in community engagement in higher education from Merrimack College in 2014. Vianna brings many talents to our team including strategic planning, communication, project management, and writing skills. She also has extensive knowledge and experience creating both the relational and structural/systemic container to promote and sustain diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments over time. She will be leading the academic programming for high school students in Lawrence and is excited to learn and master the sport of Squash.

Doug Burbank tile-image

Doug Burbank

Squash Director


Doug has been actively engaged with SquashBusters Lawrence since its inception in 2012. Prior to joining SQB , he taught at the Brooks School in North Andover, MA for 34 years, teaching mathematics, art, and computer science, serving as department head for all three departments. In addition to his classroom teaching, Doug coached New England individual and team champions in squash, soccer, and tennis, three U.S. Junior Open squash champions, and won a National Division II high school squash team title. He is most proud of his team’s numerous sportsmanship awards voted by his team’s opponents and coaches throughout New England. Doug received a B.S. from Trinity College (CT) and a M.A.T. from Marlboro College, VT.

Andrés Burbank-Crump tile-image

Andrés Burbank-Crump

Head of Planning and Innovation


Andrés attended Williams College where he majored in history with a minor in Latino/a Studies. He played on the Williams soccer team for four years and captained the team his senior year. Andrés came to SquashBusters in the fall of 2015 and spent two years as the middle school squash coordinator, then moved onto various roles focusing on program operations and external communication before becoming the Lawrence Program Director in spring of 2019. He is passionate about working in Lawrence and strengthening the relationship between the city and his childhood home, Brooks School.

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Vicky Flamenco

Program Director


Vicky is a SquashBusters ’06 alumna, having joined the program in 6th grade. Vicky graduated Bunker Hill Community College in 2015 with an Associate’s degree in Arts and Science and has worked locally in youth leadership and development since 2009. She worked as a Youth Director for a well-regarded non-profit called Young People’s Project before rejoining SquashBusters in 2015. As an Assistant Program Director at SQB Lawrence, Vicky heads up academic activities to ensure the current and future academic success of SQB students and connects with families by leading the parent committee.

Brenda Hernandez tile-image

Brenda Hernandez

Program Assistant


Brenda became a member of SquashBusters Lawrence in 2013. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration at UMass Lowell and is expected to graduate in 2025 as a first-generation student. Brenda has a strong passion for mentoring and being a positive role model for students. She currently works for two non-profit organizations, serving as a youth mentor at Aaron’s Presents and as a program assistant at SquashBusters. Brenda has been involved with both programs for over nine years since she participated as a student in both. At SquashBusters she supports the Middle School academic coordinator by assisting with lesson plans and managing tasks like paperwork, filing, and contacting parents. Brenda aspires to contribute to the community she was raised in, showing students that challenging goals are achievable.

Johsuar Moya tile-image

Johsuar Moya

Squash Coordinator


With 10 years of engagement as a student, Johsuar holds the distinction of being the first SQB Lawrence Alumni to transition into a full-time role within the program. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Lawrence, he now resides in the Merrimack Valley. Pursuing studies in Computer Networking, Johsuar has consistently harbored a passion for technology, always eager to explore the latest trends. Beyond his academic pursuits, he finds joy in hiking along trails, indulging his love for food, frequenting dog parks, and engaging in a game of Squash whenever the opportunity arises.

Ronald Moyer tile-image

Ronald Moyer

Academic Coordinator


Ronnie is a recent graduate of Gettysburg College with a degree in Sociology. He joined SquashBusters Lawrence in 2023, driven by his passion for advocacy, education, and mentorship. During his academic journey, Ronnie had the opportunity to study abroad in South Africa, where he gained valuable experience working with the non-profit organization, Just Grace, based in Langa Township. He also enjoys making music, playing disc golf, and being outside. As the Middle School Academic Coordinator at SquashBusters Lawrence, Ronnie is committed to building meaningful relationships and nurturing the growth and development of the youth in the Lawrence community.

Mike Shannon tile-image

Mike Shannon

Director of Career Success


Mike graduated from Texas Tech University and moved from Texas to Massachusetts where he obtained his teaching license. After several years of leading classes for short-term hospitalized students, Mike wanted to find a position where he was able to have a longer lasting impact on his students’ lives. Having both played and coached soccer, he strongly believes in the power of athletics combined with academics. He is now responsible for post-secondary access and alumni support at SquashBusters Lawrence in addition to assisting with programming.