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SquashBusters Lifts Off In Providence

On February 10, SquashBusters Providence officially welcomed its first team of sixth-graders into the SQB community. Check out the Providence Journal's coverage of the exciting event!  Read more.

SquashBusters Shines On and Off Court

Halfway through the 2017-2018 program year, SquashBusters keeps going and growing. A brand-new team of Providence sixth-graders signs on, the Posse Foundation selects an SQB senior for the third year in a row, and Boston's varsity team heads down to Philly for their first-ever high school nationals. Meanwhile, the Derby's just around the corner!  Read more.

Squash is the Game in Lawrence

Six years after the launch of SquashBusters Lawrence, the Eagle Tribune checks in to see the program's growth and its long-term impact on its very first students, who will be heading off to college in the fall.  Read more.

SquashBusters Impact Report: 2016-2017

The SquashBusters story is one of community. We are excited to share with you our 2016-2017 Impact Report, so you can meet the students, alumni, volunteers and supporters who make the SquashBusters community a truly special one.  Read more.

SquashBusters Takes on the World

SquashBusters continues to expand its impact well beyond Boston and Lawrence, and setting down roots in Providence is only part of that story. SquashBusters students and alumni are making incredible journeys - many of them international. With an alum heading to Thailand as a Fulbright Scholar, two recent grads traveling to Africa and one current student giving back in Costa Rica, the program's reach is truly worldwide.  Read more.

SquashBusters: A Team, A Family, A Community

The SquashBusters family continues to grow and includes not only students and alumni, but supporters, volunteers, staff and community partners as well. In this issue of the newsletter, you'll meet some very special members of our community and learn how SquashBusters has impacted their lives. Plus, see how our students fared at Urban Team Nationals in Philadelphia.  Read more.

Seizing Opportunity with SquashBusters

A new year is underway at SquashBusters, and our students are already achieving big things on and off the court. From a life-changing trip for some of our students this past summer to our most recent additions to the SquashBusters family, opportunities are everywhere at SQB. Learn all about them in our November newsletter  Read more.

Our Annual Report: 2015-2016

It's been another incredible year here at SquashBusters, and we're so excited to tell you about it in our 2015-2016 Annual Report. See how we did this year, and what the future holds for the program.  Read more.

Twenty Years and Counting

In June, SquashBusters closed the books on its twentieth program year. It was another season of record-breaking achievement, recently capped off by the Urban Individual Nationals, where our students demonstrated incredible tenacity, talent and sportsmanship. In our June update, you can read about the tournament as well as the plans of the class of 2016, the MFS SquashBusters Derby, and some comings and goings on our Board of Directors.  Read more.

SquashBusters CEO Greg Zaff Sits Down with

In a fantastic Q&A with Hilary Sargent, SquashBusters founder and CEO Greg Zaff talked about the history of the program, how it has grown from a program serving 24 kids using borrowed courts and classrooms, and how ‪urban squash‬ became a worldwide movement that has served over 2000 youth since it began twenty years ago.  Read the interview.

SquashBusters Grows To Serve More Students, Cities

SquashBusters is entering its twentieth year with plenty of exciting plans on the horizon. From a potential partnership with the Moses Brown School which would bring the program to Providence, Rhode Island; to the 10th Annual SquashBusters MFS Derby to raise funds for the program in Boston, we're excited to see what 2016 has in store. Read about what's been going on at SQB in this update!  Read more.

SQB Alum Named Student Leader

Vania Pereira, SquashBusters '13, was honored by Providence College as Student Leader of the Month for February 2016. The award recognizes academic achievement as well as engagement and leadership in on-campus activities. SquashBusters is proud to see Vania living the SQB values as she pursues educational and professional success.  

2015 Annual Report

We're so excited to share our first-ever Annual Report with you. But looking back on our history and seeing how we've grown is only half the fun - we hope you'll join us in looking toward the future and planning for what comes next.  

Fall Festivities

The perennial SquashBusters Fall Ball hosted by the Young Leadership Committee was a smashing success. Once again, the soiree took place at the lovely Exchange Center on Fan Pier on October 23. Catering to a younger demographic, the Ball brought together more than 200 men and women in their 20’s and early 30’s.  

2015 June Update

SquashBusters has just wrapped up its 19th year of programming, and what a year it was. Highlights include our biggest and best Derby ever, college acceptances for all 10 of our graduating seniors, strong student performance on and off the squash court, and the introduction of 6th grade programming in Boston. In September, a new cohort of 7th graders will join the family in Boston and the Lawrence program will grow to serve students in 6th through 10th grade. None of this would be possible without our incredible network of supporters. We are beyond excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary next year!  Read more...

2014 December Update

During this holiday season, SquashBusters has much to be thankful for. Our program has touched the lives of thousands of people, young and old. Our youngest participants are 11 years old and our most senior alumni are 32 years old – the same age that Greg was when SQB was founded. Nearly 20 years of success with Boston youth is now translating itself into our wildly popular and expanding Lawrence program. The National Urban Squash and Education Association (NUSEA) is throwing an NYC bash, in celebration of our two decades and the expansion of the SQB model to 17 other cities. Closer to home, we're proud to welcome our newest 47 family members – 33 Boston 7th graders and 14 Lawrence 6th graders. Last but surely not least, two major Quilos (SQB word for Shout Out): to our Boston HS Ambassadors who have taken hold of the leadership reigns and made the program stronger and to all MashUp players and supporters who contributed just under $200,000 to support SQB Lawrence. Thank you!  Read more...

2014 June Update

SquashBusters' 18th spring has been a remarkable one. Headliners include college acceptances for 21 of our 24 seniors, a record-breaking $1m Derby, and a spectacular Lawrence team on the rise. The program finishes the year with 168 middle and high school students and another 46 in college – 8 who graduated this spring and another 38 on track to do so in the coming years. This September, a new 7th grade Boston team joins the family as well as a fresh cohort of Lawrence students. Our alumni continue to watch over us. Rarely a day goes by when an alumnus/a is not on court or in class helping the next generation. Amidst our ongoing, frenzied program pace and daily dedication to impact the lives of our current students, we also continue to explore the next frontier – a permanent home in Lawrence and an expansion to Providence, Rhode Island. SquashBusters is a program on the move! Thank you for your caring, kindness, and belief in all that we do.  Read more

2013 December Update

SquashBusters might be older, but it certainly isn't any slower. As the program enters its 18th year of serving kids, incredible things are happening on all fronts. Enrollment is at an all-time high of 178 Boston and Lawrence students. Fifty wonderful middle schoolers just joined our family after eight weeks of tryouts. This year's graduating senior class is comprised of twenty four young men and women all working hard to apply to college. Our students are studying, exercising, playing tournaments, serving community, visiting private school and college campuses, spending time with mentors and preparing for the SSAT and SAT tests. Two events have been held – the Fall Ball hosted by the Young Leadership Committee and the MashUp, Lawrence's version of the SQB Derby which is slated for May 2 and May 3. The staff is as inspiring as our students – they work incredibly hard and care so much. Our volunteers also keep on coming, ensuring that every SQB student gets the attention they need to flourish.  Read more

2013 June Update

This spring has been busy, fun and productive at SquashBusters. The MFS Derby was a resounding success, raising almost $750,000. The group travelled to the Berkshires and Williams College for NUSEA's annual urban squash championship. Lawrence continues to thrive with a year-ending attendance rate of 95% and plans to grow next fall. 25 alums returned to welcome our outgoing graduates into the SQB Alumni Society. And 16 of 16 seniors confirmed their college plans for next fall. Enjoy the update and thank you for supporting SquashBusters.  Read more

SQB and PA Unite

SquashBusters Lawrence would not be possible without Phillips Academy Andover. The school generously signed on with squash courts, classroom space and an army of terrific volunteers. The school's motto 'non sibi – not for self' is being demonstrated every day by its tremendous investment in SquashBusters and the young people of neighboring Lawrence. A great story on our partnership with PA is featured. A special thank you goes to Tom Hodgson, PA long time teacher and squash coach, for all of his leadership and support at bringing PA and SQB together.  Read more

2013 January Update

SquashBusters has been moving at explosive speed, both and off the court. Tournaments, prep school matches, daily homework and SAT classes, college applications, our exciting expansion in Lawrence, alumni rejoining us as staff members- all of these things and more inject excitement, improvement, and achievement into our daily experience. In the end, this program is about building community and giving kids a chance to succeed in life. Our latest update shares with you just a few highlights of the past several months. Enjoy!  Read more

First Annual SquashBusters Thanksgiving Fest

Saturday November 17, 2012 will be remembered as an important day in the annals of SquashBusters history. It marked the Youth Program’s first annual Thanksgiving Fest. The Fest, as no doubt it will come to be known, is a day of service and squash when nearly an equal number of SquashBuster and private school athletes and communitarians unite to Give Back and to Get On Court.  Read more

SquashBusters Blasts Off in Lawrence

On September 2012, twenty-eight 6th and 7th grade boys and girls from the Arlington and Wetherbee Schools in Lawrence form the new SquashBusters site’s inaugural team. The program model mirror its Boston predecessor with squash and academic practices three times per week, community service projects, tournament play, and summer activities.  Read more


SquashBusters continues to bat just under 100% these past four years in sending all of its graduating seniors to college. This year, we are pleased to congratulate Humzah Mahmood and Paulo DaMoura on their acceptances and full scholarships to Boston University, and Kilsy Soto for her successful matriculation to Fisher College.  Read more

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