The MashUp Challenge is Underway!

Three weeks of a virtual competition to support SquashBusters Lawrence.

The MashUp Challenge has kicked off with a week’s worth of challenges – dog walks, meditation sessions, bike, hikes, and run.  It looks a little different than in year’s past, but the important pieces are the same.

Same competition!
Same camaraderie!
Same great cause!

Each Sunday, players will receive a menu of themed challenges – College, Character, and Health – and have one week to complete as many as possible. Each challenge will have an assigned point value. The harder the challenge, the higher the points. Competitors will submit proof of completion through photos, videos, and email and SQB will keep a running tally.

Write a letter to a loved one, take a shelter dog for a hike, review an SQB student’s resume, dive in for a polar plunge. These are just some of the challenges you can choose to complete to earn points for your team. Keep an eye out for bonus points, challenge “add-ons”, fundraising benchmarks and unique incentives .

The MashUp Challenge is any team’s to win.

The only question is how badly do you want it?