Fall 2020 at SQB Providence

During this difficult time, SQB has made it a priority to get our students out of the house, with the main goal of having fun. Our students have met in-person 1 to 2 times a week in their PODs and they focused on their academics and bonded with their peers. They practiced their squash game, did a lot of solo drills and different types of fitness/stretches to keep them healthy and in shape, joined yoga classes, went on long walks and enjoyed fresh smoothies.

To embrace the theme of Discovery and Exploration we added weekly trips for the students to get out and try things that many had never done before – they went rock climbing, hit their first strikes in bowling, taught staff how to make family dishes and more. They even visited Dave and Busters!


Changes in COVID requirements in Rhode Island did not slow our students down. When we couldn’t have these cool adventures outside of SQB, students got creative and turned the classrooms into a mini arcade or an art studio. They carved their first pumpkins and built and decorated their first gingerbread houses. At the end of Season 1 our students reflected on the fact that they were just happy to be out of the house, off their screens, and seeing staff and teammates face to face. And for the staff, their curiosity, laughter and smiles are the best gifts of all.