Fall 2020 at SQB Lawrence

Without access to our usual facilities, SquashBusters Lawrence fully bought into the Season 1 theme of Discovery and Exploration. In our pursuit to find meaningful ways to spend time together without normal classrooms or courts, we got creative and, in the process, discovered new activities and sports that we will undoubtedly continue to do long after things return to normal.

The middle school team kept active by transforming rented office space into anything from a badminton court to a ping-pong facility so students could get their fill of racquet sports and competition, even without squash. When the weather allowed, PODs were active outdoors, doing fitness circuits wherever they could find patches of grass in Lawrence. And, when they weren’t working up a sweat, the middle school team spent time exploring wellness in both body and mind, with yoga and meditation. Around the holidays, you could find the classroom dressed up for a Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas party to ensure that students had a chance to celebrate with friends.



The high school team also thought outside of the box to design SQB programming. Ninth grade boys spent weeks discussing the relationship between different games and sports and how to become a more effective team, while a POD of girls spent time researching causes close to their hearts and expressing their feelings on the subject through art. All this in-person programming was complimented by weekly mindfulness and meditation sessions as well as the introduction of a video game club.

Of course, even with all these fun and new activities, students dearly missed playing the sport they love – squash! Fortunately, we were able to secure weekend court access at Northeastern (thanks to the Boston Program!) and students happily spent up to 90 minutes on the bus (there AND back!) just to be able to solo hit on court or work with a ball machine. Though difficult, these late Friday nights and early Saturday mornings were totally worth it since it meant we could get back to working on our rails or volleys!

Despite the departure from our normal programming routine, this time has given us the opportunity to explore what it means to be part of SquashBusters and discover new interests and ways to engage with our teammates. We are looking forward to being even MORE creative and adaptive as we continue our “new normal” here at SQB Lawrence!