Fall 2020 at SQB Boston

This season at SQB Boston our theme of Discovery and Exploration led us down many exciting and thought-provoking paths. Students worked together in small PODs to pursue new interests and keep moving, while staying safe. Staying true to our core values, we have continued to focus on fitness, character, and community, with a twist. Students have explored new athletic opportunities, from yoga to boxing to kickball to ultimate Frisbee. They have taken advantage of the outdoors with hiking trips, sidewalk art, and paintball battles and we have had important conversations about health equity and access, leadership, nutrition, wellness, and social justice and PODs are creating PSAs about issues that are important to them, facilitating activities about leadership, and educating each other on topics they have explored. To wrap up Season 1, students created presentations of their accomplishments this season (BOASTS) that they shared with their peers at a virtual team celebration.

While more than half of our students have continued to participate in-person, we have also taken to Zoom and FaceTime to ensure our remote students stay connected. Academic success has remained a priority. Staff have worked individually with students to create “schoolwork from home plans” and we have moved our tutoring online as well, which has actually enabled us to offer this opportunity more widely. SQB supporters have led online cooking and yoga classes, and students have taught staff quite a bit about the online gaming world. Through it all, students have continued to keep their squash skills sharp with solo practices and creative new social distance drills, and our high school seniors have kept on track with their college applications, and two seniors received early acceptance to Bates College and Johns Hopkins University!

We also want to give a huge thank you to our partners, who have been amazing during this time. From Northeastern University to Boston Public Schools and everyone in between, everyone involved has worked collaboratively to support access to safe programming for students

None of us knew what to expect when this year started, but we’ve been impressed and heartened by our students enthusiasm for SQB and their willingness to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.