SquashBusters hosts three annual events to raise funding, make new friends and expand awareness: the MFS SquashBusters Derby, the MashUp, and the Fall Ball.

MFS SquashBusters Derby

The SquashBusters Derby is SquashBusters major annual fundraising event. Held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby, SquashBusters’ version of the big race calls upon 100 extremely generous and dedicated amateur and professional players to compete in a round-robin singles and doubles squash tournament. The top two teams square off for the head-to-head final match. Amateur players, who commit to raise at least $5,000 in support of SquashBusters, join some of the worlds most elite squash pros on court players like Thierry Lincou, Peter Nicol, David Palmer and Jonathon Power who return each year to face off and support the worlds first urban squash program.

The event smashes goals and records year after year. Many fundraising players surpass the $5K mark, and a growing number of corporate supporters have stepped up to sponsor the event each year – most prominently MFS as the Derby’s Title Sponsor. The event is tremendously important to SquashBusters, raising nearly half of the operating funds for the program each year.

The 2018 Derby will take place on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5. Visit to learn more.

SquashBusters Lawrence MashUp

The MashUp is a squash and paddle tennis competition and fundraiser in support of SquashBusters Lawrence. Like the Derby, the Mashup brings together world-class squash and paddle pros, amateur players from the Merrimack Valley, squash players from Brooks School and Phillips Academy, and SquashBusters Lawrence’s own students. Each amateur player raises funds on behalf of the Lawrence program.

The 2017 MashUp happened on Sunday, December 10. Stay tuned for next year’s date!


SquashBusters Fall BallSQB Alumni - Fall Ball

The Fall Ball is a fund and friend raiser for SquashBusters. Hosted by the Young Leadership Committee, the party brings together 300 young professionals to learn about and celebrate SquashBusters.