Program Overview

SquashBusters is a long-term, intensive youth development program that combines the sport of squash with academic enrichment, community service, summer opportunities & college counseling. The program serves over 300 middle, high school and college students across three cities.

March 24, 2016. Boston, MA.Squash and academic programs at Squashbusters Inc. in Boston. Day 2. 2016 Marilyn Humphries

A Bridge to College

Despite living close to some of the best universities in the world, college enrollment is not a certainty for many of our youth. SquashBusters works hard to help every one of its students believe higher education is within their reach. Through intensive homework support, academic enrichment, college counseling, and mentoring, SquashBusters prepares students to beat the odds and make the college dream a reality.

Leveling the Playing Field

Named the worlds number 1 healthiest sport, by Forbes Magazine, squash is a fantastic way for to stay in shape. Through SquashBusters, students practice squash at least 3 days per week and compete regularly. But squash is also a powerful route to a successful future.

The sport of squash was once played almost exclusively at private clubs, prep schools and elite universities – making it unavailable to much of the population. SquashBusters set out to change that when it was founded, but the sport still attracts a vast network of very successful individuals and maintains a strong presence at top-tier colleges. As a result, becoming a squash player connects our students to a wealth of educational and professional opportunities they may otherwise never have access to. Since 1996, 28 SquashBusters graduates have gone onto play squash at schools like Bates College, Colby College, Hamilton College and Harvard University.

In addition, squash helps develop the vital tools each young person needs to bring with them into the real world; grit, determination and positivity are lessons every squash player learns, and are also some of the skills most frequently linked to overall success.

Creating Young Leaders

SquashBusters strives to teach students that they can achieve anything as long as they work hard and live with character. The program stresses the importance of giving back; each year, students are required to complete two community service projects. Many choose to participate in far more.

Students have opportunities to serve as role models among their peers by serving as SQB Ambassadors, a special role in which they represent the SquashBusters community to donors, Board members and the public. Additionally, each summer, SquashBusters connects students with various external opportunities, including camps, internships and academic programs that expose them to a wealth of new people, places and experiences.