Physical Health

  • 100% of SquashBusters students learn how to play squash
  • 100% of SquashBusters students exercise consistently, a minimum of three times per week, throughout the school year, for every year they are in the program
  • Summer camps and optional squash opportunities, like mentorships and extra court hours,give students even more ways to stay active throughout the year
  • A majority of our students point to changes in what they eat and drink as a result of their time at SquashBusters

Social-Emotional Health

  • Through Boys and Girls Groups, students learn about and discuss issues like bullying, peer pressure and body image
  • Through team-bonding time and field trips, students forge strong connections with their peers and develop lifelong friendships
  • Students are constantly surrounded by caring, supportive adults – volunteers, mentors, and staff – who are invested in helping them succeed